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Northamptonshire Police Federation

About us

The Police Federation represents all serving Police officers from Constable to Chief Inspector inclusive.

It was set up in 1919 by an Act of Parliament following police strikes over abysmal rates of pay and conditions of service following the First World War. Since 1919 Police officers have been prohibited from striking by statute, the most recent being the Police Act 1964.

The Police Federation is not a union but is charged with representing its members in all matters affecting welfare and efficiency.

Police officers are not employees, and therefore, do not have full rights under employment laws but do have their Conditions of Service expressed in Police Regulations and Determinations which have legal standing.



The Local Board is the strategic decision making body of the Northants Police Federation.  The Board currently comprises of the following roles and also meets quarterly, ahead of each Council Meeting.

                                       Training and Development Lead

                                        Conduct and Performance Lead

                                                        Deputy Chair

                                          Deputy Secretary / Treasurer

                                                 Health and Safety Lead

                                                        Equality Lead

Unless varied by the National Council, the NPF Chair shall have responsibility for Media and Communications; the Secretary shall have responsibility for Strategy and Business Development and the Treasurer shall have responsibility for Finance.

The Local Council shall keep the composition of the Local Board under review, together with the strategic portfolios.

Each elected member of the Local Board shall have voting rights. Where a vote is required, decisions are made on the basis of a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote. The Chair shall have a casting/deciding vote.

The Local Board shall meet 3 times a year. Attendance shall be a duty commitment.

The Local Board shall be accountable to the Local Council.



The Local Council shall provide governance to the Local Board and hold the Board to account.

The Local Council will elect the Branch Board.

The Council shall compromise a maximum of 20 elected Federation Representatives… the Chair and Secretary are supernumerary to this number.

The Council will meet annually at the AGM (end of January each year) and then a further 2 times throughout the year.

The Council will set the local priorities for Northants Police Federation.

Any representative may request an item be placed on the Agenda for discussion at the meeting.




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