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3 April 2018

The results of the latest Leicestershire Police Federation elections have been announced.
Elections were held in the majority of branches of the Police Federation across England and Wales.
The current  chair and secretary, Tiff Lynch and Matt Robinson, were automatically elected to the Leicestershire Police Federation Branch Council.
The other successful candidates were:
PC Simon Alborn
PC Shauna Ashton
PC Mark Bailey
PS Nigel Baraclough
PC Pete Callaghan
PC Jon Carter-Lang
PS Sanjay Chauhan
Insp Christopher Cockerill
PC Adam Commons
PC Neil Day
PC Robert Elkington
PS Leon Gamble
PS Emma Gilbert
PS Danny Graham
PS Jim Harvey
Insp Deb Hubbard
Insp Simon Hurst
PS Chris Ingledew
Insp Jed Keen
PC Joe Lloyd
PC Kev Marsh
PS Rich Matlock
Insp Paul McKinder
Insp Simon Preston
PC Nadia Rana
Insp Jason Ross
PC David Somerville
PS David Stokes
New reps are shown in bold.


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