Leicestershire  Police Federation

On the run for charity

12 March 2018

The son of a former police officer is running 500 miles to support two causes close to his heart.

This month, Laurance O’Shea will be completing up to 21 miles a day to raise money for the charities of the Mayor of Hinckley and Bosworth.

That Mayor is his father, Ozzy O’Shea, who has spent 43 years serving the Force, 30 years as a police officer and then as a member of police staff.

Laurance’s energetic efforts will be bringing in funds for two charities; Motor Neurone Disease and the Gurney Fund.

The latter is a charity which exists to provide support relating to education and development for the children of police officers where a parent has died or retired on ill-health grounds.

Laurance (40) is a keen runner from Ratby and father Ozzy said he was very proud of his son for committing both time and effort to support the two charities.

“They are both close to his heart as his grandfather died of Motor Neurone Disease and I served 43 years in the police force so we know how important it is to support these excellent causes.”

Tiff Lynch, chair of Leicestershire Police Federation, said Laurance's intended target would require some serious effort.

“The fitness and endeavour involved in such an incredible feat really will be a testament to both his determination and his conviction to these two causes," Tiff added.

“The Gurney Fund works hard to provide and create opportunities for the children it supports and can also assist with a child’s education and development at a tremendously difficult time.”

Donations to Laurance can be made at: https://www.gofundme.com/running-500-miles-in-march



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