Leicestershire  Police Federation

Happy birthday, Kathleen – 100 years young

13 March 2018

Leicestershire Police Federation chair Tiff Lynch took time on a day’s leave to deliver a bouquet of flowers to the widow of a Leicestershire Police officer who was celebrating her 100th birthday.


Tiff visited Kathleen Blower at her home to make sure she wished her a ‘happy birthday’ in person.


“I had booked a day’s leave but when Dom Allen, the benevolent fund administrator who does a sterling job of making sure our police widows and widowers are remembered and kept within the policing family, contacted me about Kathleen’s birthday, we couldn’t let the day pass by without doing something special,” says Tiff.


“The Federation ordered the bouquet but rather than arrange delivery I thought it would be nice to take the flowers myself so it was lovely to meet Kathleen and share part of her extra special birthday with her.”


Dom also went along to meet Kathleen and her niece, Rosemary Wallace.


Kathleen is the widow of PS 415 William Blower who was a police officer for 30 years and four days from November 1938, retiring in 1968. He died almost 30 years later on 31 December 1996.


PS Blower originally joined Rutland Constabulary, living in a police house in North Luffenham. Prior to joining, he had served in the Cold Stream Guards. He later moved to Leicestershire Constabulary and, upon retirement as an officer, he continued working for the Force in a police staff role.


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