Leicestershire  Police Federation

Dave becomes new Fed chair

2 October 2018

Dave Stokes has been named as the new chair of Leicestershire Police Federation.

Dave, who has 21 years’ service, takes over from Tiff Lynch who has been elected as a member of the National Board of the Police Federation of England and Wales.

Wishing Tiff every success in her new role, Dave says: “I feel honoured to have the opportunity to lead the Force’s Federation branch. These are challenging times for the police service but I am firmly focussed on representing the membership and negotiating on their behalf.

“As the Force balances reduced resources, it is paramount that we, the Federation, look out for the interests of our members who are under extreme pressure doing the job we all joined to do – serving and protecting our communities.”

Dave, who is  currently in the RAPT Team at EMOpSS, has been a Federation rep for 10 years and has represented officers in a wide range of cases but now wants to visit every police station in the Force area to meet members and discuss their areas of concern.

He adds: “While fulfilling my responsibilities as chair, my intention is to commit time, working with uniformed and CID colleagues, carrying out front-line duties to ensure I maintain a healthy understanding of the needs and pressures officers face.

“I am a qualified police negotiator and confident that any member who I have supported in the past will say that I have used that training and experience to secure the best support and outcome for them.” 

Congratulating him on his new role, Tiff says:  “I am sure Dave will rise to the challenge of being the branch chair. He has the experience and drive to ensure that the members are at the heart of everything the Federation does. I wish him every success."



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