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Vauxhall Partners Programme

Lookers Vauxhall Partners - Reasons to smile

Lookers Vauxhall are one of the leading Partners retailers in the UK, Our sales executives are specially trained on the programme, and can always find you the best route to save you the most money on your new car. That's why our partners customers always come back year upon year! You can find out about the scheme and who is eligible here.


As one of our associate partners, you and your eligible family members qualify for even bigger discounts on featured cars from Vauxhall – this is in additional to existing Associate discounts! For more information please contact your local dealership.

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To find out more visit: www.partnersprogramme.co.uk or call 0344 875 2448 or visit your local Vauxhall Retailer

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q Can I use my discount on used cars?
A No. Discounts are only applicable on new vehicles purchased through a UK Franchised Vauxhall or Chevrolet Retailer.

Q Where can I buy the car?
A Any Vauxhall or Chevrolet Retailer will be happy to help. Simply ask your sales consultant. Please note that vehicles can only be purchased in the UK, though you can purchase left hand drive vehicles if you wish.

Q Can a friend or partner buy a car through me?
A You cannot buy a car for your friend, but you can nominate your partner and as many other eligible relatives as you wish! Once registered, they can buy their own vehicles through the programme. You can check family eligibility on the website. Unmarried partners are only eligible if they can produce documentary evidence of proof of address – such as a utility bill. This is part of Vauxhall’s terms and conditions.

Q How long must I be with the company before I am eligible?
A Six months (continuously) and for a minimum of 16hrs per week.

Q How many cars can we buy each year?
A Vauxhall Associates can purchase up to 6 Vauxhall, plus 6 Chevrolet vehicles per family within 12 month period, with no more than two registered in the same name.

Q How long do I keep the car?
A Any vehicle purchased under the programme should be retained in the name in which it was purchased for a minimum of 11 months before it can be resold or traded in. Vauxhall’s Audit Department carry out random checks and may request to see the vehicle’s V5 logbook at any time during the minimum 11 months ownership period.


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