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Cleveland Police Federation


Payplan has been working with Her Majesty's Forces for 17 years, giving us the expertise to help your debt problems...

Why Payplan?

Payplan was formerly known as 'Federated Credit' and was formed in 1992 with a view to offering financial alternatives to debtors in Her Majesty’s Forces and the Police. Payplan provides free debt solutions and advice to suit the individual’s needs. We’re confident that no one has greater experience in solving debt problems. We have a complete range of financial solutions under one roof, and are specialists in arranging free Debt Management Plans (DMPs) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs). We help people to keep their home, repay their unsecured debts and reduce their everyday expenditure. So, once someone becomes a client, we can give them the very best chance of becoming debt-free – and staying that way.

We understand how crucial debt help can be during the current economic crisis. Payplan is a trusted partner for free expert money advice and debt solutions.

Referral criteria

  • Do you have over £8,000 of unsecured debt? ;
  • Do you owe the money to two or more creditors? ;
  • Can you afford £100 or more to put towards your debts each month, after paying your essential living costs? .

If the answer is 'yes' we will help with a solution today.

To get immediate assistance or for further information about the services Payplan offer, please call our helpline on 0800 716239. Clients will receive a full assessment within 24-48 hours with best advice from our expert money advisers.


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