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Cleveland Police Federation

Latest: Leaflet on Group Healthcare Scheme

Members of Cleveland Police Federation now have access to the Northumbria Police Federation's Group Healthcare Scheme.

Northumbria Police Federation's Group Healthcare Scheme - established in 1989 - is a self- financing Scheme set up under a Trust Deed to provide private medical advice and treatment to subscribing members and their dependants.

The main objective of the Scheme is to make the advantages of private medical care available to members at a reasonable cost. The Scheme also includes an alternative NHS Cash Benefit for day case surgery performed as a patient on the NHS as well as overnight stays in hospital as an NHS patient. The rate is £60.00 per day or overnight, subject to an overall maximum cash benefit to any one member of £1,500 in any twelve-month period.

Preferential rates have been negotiated with Tyneside Surgical Services (TSS), which is a brand new state of the art facility based at the North East Surgery Centre situated on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital site at Gateshead. Initial consultations may be carried out at other hospitals, but all operations, scans, tests and treatment will be carried out through TSS. The only exceptions will be for members who live outside of the region.

(Payable by payroll deduction and subject to increase at the Trustees' discretion)

Children must be under the age of 21 years on joining and can remain in the Scheme at the age of 21 years or over. However, when they reach the age of 21 you are required to pay the 'Under 40 yrs of age rate' in the month following their 21st birthday.

If you would like to join our Group Healthcare Scheme, please contact the Northumbria Police Federation on 01661 868882 or 01661 868895.

Making a Claim

Any member wishing to make a claim under the Scheme must initially coplete a claim form which is available below.

Membership subscriptions automatically cover your initial appointment with a Consultant without prior approval. Any investigations, tests, scans or treatment during or subsequent to the initial consultation must be referred to the administrators at Northumbria Police Federation for prior approval. You should receive notification with a few days as to whether you are able to go ahead with treatment.

If urgent treatment is required at the consultation, please arrange for the Consultant to contact Northumbria Police Federation while you are there for prior approval:-

Northumbria Police Federation, 11-14 Apex Business Village, Annitsford,
Cramlington, Northumberland NE23 7BF
Tel. 01661 868882 or 01661 868895      Fax. 01661 868898
Email: healthcare@norpolfed.co.uk


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