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NPCC - do the maths on pay

Friday, 09 February 2018


Chair Calum Macleod warns NPCC ‘Don’t take us for fools’.

Is it just me, or does the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) take us all for complete fools?

What am I talking about? Well, yesterday they sent their submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) – three days later than the agreed deadline and I am afraid having read it, it really was not worth waiting for.

While the headline figure being touted is a 2% pay increase for all officers, the devil is very much in the detail. For what the NPCC is actually suggesting is that officers be paid an uplift of 2% this year, but that the 1% unconsolidated payment made last year be stopped moving forward.

Well, NPCC, I asked my six and four-year-old sons and even they can help you do the maths:

2 – 1 = 1

And so it would seem, despite all the hot air from government last year, that the 1% unconsolidated payment was exactly what we said it would be -  a one off payment.

Government spin is one thing, but now NPCC spin too. And it’s not just us they are trying to fool – it’s the public too. For last year, public support for policing soared as the reality of the terrorist threats we face and the trauma we deal with made headline news. The public made clear their recognition of what we do and rightly expect us to be rewarded fairly for that.

Why else would the government have chosen to spin it that they were giving a 2% increase last year, when it was blatantly obvious to us that the 1% unconsolidated payment was just a one-off bonus, not an annual bonus. Now we find the NPCC want to stop that and instead make this year’s award 2% consolidated, meaning officers pay pension contributions on the entire amount. Fine if the additional bonus were paid each year; fine if the 1% unconsolidated payment last year was consolidated in addition to the 2%.

But please NPCC, do not expect any gratitude from the rank and file for this.

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