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Tell us what you think about your force IT and you could win an iPad

Friday, 02 June 2017


Simon Kempton, lead on digital policing, wants to see an improvement in police IT. Members, tell us how the IT in your force could be improved by taking this survey and you could be in with a chance of winning an Apple iPad*.   

It’s widely accepted that overall IT provision for police officers across England and Wales has been ad hoc at best and, in places, poor. For too long, officers have had to struggle with systems which are incompatible with neighbouring forces, or even other departments within their own forces. Officer in Charge (OIC) completing case files need to be able to upload Manual Guidance (MG) forms, photographs and other evidence to Crown Prosection Service (CPS) without hitting upload limits that prevent them from doing so.

Systems and equipment have been unreliable; officers need their systems to work as described and when needed. When we use mobile devices - as senior management and government wish us to - they should connect seamlessly and give us access to all the systems we need such as Police National Computer (PNC) and Criminal Intelligence System (CIS).

Officers need to be able to quickly and easily complete reports at the scene, whether it's a crime, a Road Traffic Collision or issuing a ticket or Stop Search form. Photographs from scenes, subject and suspect details and all other information should be automatically uploaded and added to the relevant master record without the OIC having to painstakingly do that themselves.

We've seen some good examples of forces embracing the best in available technology, but too often this masks the wider picture, and it’s this wider picture which has led me to ask you to feedback to us.

I want to be able to gauge the true picture across the country that officers are faced with at work. To that end, along with CoPaCC (publishers of Policing Insight), we have launched a brief survey so you can share your experiences with us.

The results of this anonymous survey will be used to push forward the argument for better IT and will be included in evidence presented to the Home Affairs Select Committee as part of their wide ranging investigation into policing. So please take the opportunity to share your thoughts with us.

Take the survey now*

(Closing date: 25 June 2017)

Prize draw Terms and Conditions.

*The survey is open to police officers only. Police Federation members who complete this survey will be entered into a prize draw to win an Apple iPad, which has kindly been donated by CoPaCC Policing Insight.

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