Elections: Workplace representative results are published

10 April 2018

The results of the first round of voting in our 2018 national election cycle are now available here.

Workplace representatives across England and Wales were voted into their roles by members in the first-ever electronic election process undertaken by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW).

All 123,000 rank and file police officers were invited to cast votes for their local Federation Representatives, who provide direct guidance, advice and support to members in their force while continuing to carry out their duties as full-time police officers.  

The PFEW’s General Secretary Andy Fittes said: “Congratulations and welcome to our members who were elected or re-elected as Police Federation representatives last month. Thank you for choosing to step up and be the voice of your colleagues; to be there for them when they need support; and for sacrificing your time and energy to benefit rank and file officers both within your force, and across England and Wales.

“As with any new process, there are areas that will be reviewed and refined for future election cycles; however, this is the first time we have run our elections electronically and it has enabled more of our members than ever to have their say by voting – we had a turnout of over 25%, which is very encouraging.”

Over the coming weeks, our newly-formed Branch Councils across all 43 forces will elected their Branch Board members, who collectively provide strategic direction for their local Branch. From 14 May, members will be invited to vote for their local Branch Chair who represents that force, in partnership with the Branch Secretary, on the National Council.

Find out more about the election process, what PFEW reps do or the structure of the PFEW.