Ustream instructions

How do I join?

Joining Ustream is FREE, quick and simple, just click the link below and you will be taken to the Police Federation Ustream channel.

The video will only be live at the time of broadcast, until that time you will see the following  message ‘This channel is off-air’.

You will need to log in if you want to take part in the text discussion and submit a question. Click on the ‘login’ option in the top right-hand corner of the page, a login screen will appear, select the blue ‘sign up’ option at the bottom of the pop-up page.

Logging in via Facebook

You will be given an option to log into Ustream via Facebook. You can use your Facebook email and password to login. If you login to Ustream via Facebook you will have the option to participate in the discussion via the social stream which appears on the right hand side, you can submit a question by writing in the social stream text box.

Does it take long to login to Ustream?

No. It only takes two minutes to register and all you need is your email address and a password containing at least five characters – your password must include one uppercase and one lowercase letter.

You will not be asked to enter any card or payment details, joining Ustream is FREE.

Once you have logged in you should be redirected back to the Police Federation online discussions channel page, if not, re-click the link provided above.

When should I register?

You can sign up in advance, we recommend that you register at least 10 minutes before the discussion is due to start. This will allow enough time to register and to ensure you have installed the correct version of Adobe Flash. You should also check that your speakers are switched on to allow you to hear the presentation.

How do I ask a question?

In order to participate in the discussion and ask questions you will need to type in the ‘Chat’ text box, which appears to the right hand side of the live video box (if you’re using a PC), or just below the video (if you are using a mobile or tablet device).

If you are logged in via Facebook or Twitter it will be called ‘Social Stream’ and will have the option to ‘say something’ –your question will not be posted to your Facebook account unless you chose to ‘share’ it by clicking the ‘share’ button in the chat box.

Depending on how many questions are being asked it may not be possible for the presenter to cover all queries – but they will certainly try to.  PFEW Communications staff will be on hand to help the presenter(s) keep track of questions and they will also try to provide further information in the chat box. 

Do I need a twitter or Facebook account to join?

No, you can register direct to Ustream.

Can I watch the video without participating in the discussion?

Yes, you can watch on Ustream and it will also be broadcast on the PFEW website but you will not be able to ask questions unless you log in to Ustream.

The discussion will be recorded and available to download and watch back at a later date.

I am unable to participate in the live discussion, can I send a question in advance?

Yes, you can submit a question in advance by tweeting a question followed by the hashtag #AskFed.

Questions can be submitted via Twitter one week in advance of the chat, starting from 26 September until the chat goes Live. Questions submitted via Twitter whilst the chat is in process may not be seen.

If you do not have Twitter use can email your question to, please state in your email that the question is for the online discussion.

The discussion will be recorded and available to download following the session. Questions submitted in advance will be answered first but depending on how many are received we may not be able to reply to all during the chat, so any unanswered may be tweeted or emailed back separately in the days following the chat.

Can I share the link with colleagues?

Yes, please share the link above with colleagues who may be interested in joining the session. If you use social media, the hashtag for promoting the event is #AskFed

Can only police officers join the discussion?

The online sessions are aimed solely at PFEW members, however anyone who has the link and registers is technically able to participate. While the content of the chat is not confidential, participants should be mindful that it is possible members of the public, journalists and others from outside the police service can watch and join the discussion, if they want to.

Do I need to install any software?      

You will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. You should be prompted to download the latest version automatically when you log into Ustream.  It is free to do so and should only take a few minutes however sometimes Flash is incompatible with certain browsers. If this is the case you might want to try downloading the Ustream App on your smartphone or tablet and joining the discussion that way.  If you are using a work computer you may need your IT department to authorise the download, so it’s worth checking if it works in advance. 

Can I use Ustream on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, there is an App available for most devices.