Change through consensus

05 June 2014

Yesterday afternoon and this morning, the Police Federation national committee met and a number of important issues were discussed, including the outcomes of conference.  There was a unanimous agreement that any change must be considered and able to stand the test of time, whilst recognising the need for visible and substantive progress.

With immediate effect, the Joint Central Committee will be known as the Interim National Board. In addition, the meetings of the Joint Branch Board Chairs and Secretaries will be recognised as the Interim National Council. The Chair and Secretary of the Interim National Council will be the Chair and Secretary of the Police Federation of England and Wales.

There is still much detail to be worked through, including terms of reference, agendas, standing orders and the winding down of existing structures including financial issues. These will be further discussed at the inaugural meeting of the Interim National Council scheduled for 18 June and the first meeting of the Interim National Board the week after.

The Interim National Board also discussed the need for a programme director and team and recognised the urgency to make this appointment. The pre-conference preparatory work has been extremely beneficial preparing for this and the imminent selection process will be open and transparent. This too will be discussed with the Interim National Council on 18 June, in order that they are fully involved in the process.