Federation Chair responds to media coverage linking Independent Review to the Andrew Mitchell case

20 January 2014

At a media briefing this afternoon (20th January), Steve Williams, Chairman, PFEW, made the following comments on the Independent Review after some media today linked the Independent Review to the so called Plebgate incident:
Steve Williams said: “The Independent Review details the damage that has been done to the Police Federation and the police service by the impact from the media termed Plebgate affair. Any incident that undermines public confidence is regrettable.  Where police get it wrong it is only right and proper that we take responsibility for our actions.  Following the conviction of PC Keith Wallis it is appropriate that I apologise to Mr Mitchell for the officer’s actions. Clearly there are on-going legal and disciplinary issues and in the interest of all parties, including Mr Mitchell himself, I do not feel that I can comment further at this time. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to our members and the wider public for the damage this unfortunate incident has had in undermining confidence in the police service.”