Police Federation of England and Wales announces Independent Review Panel

26 February 2013

Following on from the announcement made by Chair Steve Williams in December that the Police Federation will be independently reviewed, we are pleased to announce that Sir David Normington GCB has agreed to chair the panel. Sir David is highly respected for his achievements in public service at the most senior levels. Former Home Office Permanent Secretary, most recently he has become the First Civil Service Commissioner and Commissioner for Public Appointments. Sir David will lead a panel of experienced leaders in their field, all of whom will bring their extensive skills and expertise.

The panel will consist of:


1. Sir Denis O’Connor CBE QPM – former Chief Inspector of Constabulary, he has extensive policing experience at a senior command level and experience of the inter-relationship between all ranks and policing bodies


2. Professor Linda Dickens MBE - Professor of Industrial Relations at the University of Warwick with an acknowledged and extensive record of academic research in the field of management and employment relations


3. Brendan Barber - former General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) who retired last year. He brings extensive experience of representing employees and leading a national trade union organisation


4. Kathryn Kane OBE – former local Chair of Merseyside in the Police Federation who will be able to advise on Federation representation at both a force and regional level


5. Dr Neil Bentley - CBI Deputy Director General and Chief Operating Officer, he has an in depth knowledge of the business community and a background in industrial relations and equality & diversity.


The panel will commence their review of the structure of the Police Federation of England and Wales shortly. Once they have convened, further detail regarding their scope and timeline for reporting will be announced.


Taking up the position as Chair of the Independent Review of the Police Federation of England and Wales, Sir David Normington GCB said:


“I am very pleased to have been asked by the Police Federation to chair this review.  The Federation has a proud history of representing and negotiating on behalf of rank and file police officers but, like all organisations, the environment it operates in is continually changing.  I look forward to working with the other members of the review - each of whom brings important experience and expertise - to shape the future of an organisation which is and will remain an important partner in ensuring both the welfare and the efficiency of the police service.”




- On 22 December 2012 the then Chair Elect Steve Williams said: "Recent events have shown that there are issues around the way the Federation nationally is able to lead and coordinate at a regional and local level. As my first act as Chairman, I want to establish this independent panel to ensure that we as a Federation are representing the interests of our members in the most effective and efficient way."
- There is no further detail at this stage as to what the panel will choose to examine or how they will conduct the review. This will be for them to decide and to deliver.
- The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) represents 133,000 police constables, sergeants, inspectors and chief inspectors. The PFEW exists by statute with its constitution set out in legislation, to represent and promote the interests and welfare of its members and the efficiency of the police service.
In 2019 the PFEW will celebrate its centenary. In the approach to that significant milestone the Joint Central Committee (JCC) is aware that the basis, structure and operation of the organisation has remained largely unaltered since its creation in 1919.




Given the pace of economic, social and technological change, the Police Federation of England and Wales believes that this is an appropriate point at which to review the way in which the PFEW operates to ensure that it continues to deliver:




1) A credible voice for rank and file police officers


2) The ability to constructively influence public policy on crime and policing


3) Genuine ownership of the organisation by police officers and effective communications between members and the Federation at all levels


In making recommendations, the review will have regard for:


1) Value for money in respect of police officers' subscriptions to the PFEW


2) The unique position and responsibilities of the Office of Constable


3) The importance of enhancing public confidence in policing


4) The impact of its recommendations upon equality and diversity


5) Transparency of decision making and subsequent action taken






Any further enquiries please contact Felicity Ross, Head of Communications, on 01372 352 014