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                      Editorial             Murder at Parliament
                      April / May

                                            Officers guard the gates of Parliament
                                            following the terrorist attack which
                                            left PC Keith Palmer and three
                      Catherine Feast,      members of the public dead                                              Pictures © Press Association Images
       Deserved praise

       made in the

       shadow of evil

       As POLICE magazine went to press we
       learned of the horrific attack on our
       society and the ultimate price one
       officer paid. Unarmed PC Keith Palmer
       murdered at work, protecting the public
       and those in Parliament.
        As we watched the news unfold, we
       saw images of the shocked, the injured,
       the dying, the dead. We saw photos of   It was the day that terror came    Steve White, chair of the Police
       bloodied victims and those passersby   to Westminster and struck at      Federation of England and Wales,
       who rushed in to help. Blanket media   the heart of democracy.           said officers from across the country
       coverage, outlets vying for new angles   And the day that an unarmed     were in mourning, as PC Palmer
       and relaying the grim reality with every   British officer left home in the   had paid “the ultimate price.”
       passing hour.                        morning to go to work – but never     “We feel for his family, friends and
        But is it right to publish such images?   made it back to his family.   colleagues whose lives will never be
       Are they what the public want to see? Is   Tributes have been pouring in for   the same again. But we also salute
       it better for the press to filter for us or to   police officer, husband and father PC   the officers who swung into action,
       let the pictures speak for themselves?  Keith Palmer, 48, who was one of the   so professionally immediately
                                            Metropolitan Police team guarding   afterwards. And up and down the
       Protected from reality               MPs at the Palace of Westminster.   country, fellow officers reported for
        ‘Citizen journalists’ whip out their   Ruthlessly stabbed by a knife-wielding   duty as normal, eager to do their bit.
       phones and post on social media, but   fanatic as he did his job. Cut down just   “This is what typifies the police
       should we expect others to censor? Is it   inside the Parliamentary estate, his life   service – it runs towards danger
       not worse to not show images? This is   ebbed away despite the heroic efforts of   when others are running away from
       the reality after all and why should we    officers, paramedics and Foreign Office   it. We’re proud of our colleagues who
       be protected from it? It is of course a   Minister Tobias Ellwood to save him.  went to work, determined to see
       moot point and I don’t have the answers                                  justice done for their fallen colleague
       to this.                             The ultimate price                  even though they were shocked to
        One positive thing that has emerged   His attacker was shot by armed    the core by what had happened.”
       in the wake of the atrocity is the public   officers within seconds. Two   The Metropolitan Police Federation
       support shown for the police, and    members of the public also died on   launched a Memorial Fund in
       for emergency services overall. It is   22 March, and a third person died   memory of PC Palmer, and as
       gratifying, humbling and well deserved.  in hospital the following day, after   POLICE went to press the total raised
        But it is just a shame that those thanks                                was approaching £400,000.
       and that praise is only made overtly in   the terrorist mowed them down on   Ken Marsh, Chairman of the
                                            Westminster Bridge in his car.
       the shadow of evil.
                                             Up to 40 people were injured,      Metropolitan Police Federation, said:
                                            including three Met Police officers   “The entire police family is in mourning
                                            returning from a commendation service;   at his death, and this Memorial Fund
                                            several of those in hospital are being   enables people to donate in Keith’s
                                            treated for ‘life-changing’ injuries.  memory. He was simply doing his job.”
                                             But the hardest blow for members of   Donations can be made
                Follow the Federation @pfew_hq  the police family has been the death   at:
                                            of PC Palmer, an officer for 15 years.  crowdfunding/Keith-palmer

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