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Common problems for men and women

          Mental health                                  Depression
          Sound mental health is as important as sound   Depression affects people in different ways and
          physical health, but can be more difficult to  can cause a wide variety of symptoms.
          identify. One in four people will experience
          problems with their mental health at some point  They range from lasting feelings of sadness and
          in their lives, so it’s an issue that is likely to  hopelessness, to losing interest in the things you
          affect most people – whether personally, or    used to enjoy and feeling very tearful. Many
          through contact with others. Seeking advice and  people with depression also have symptoms of
          support is crucial to recovery and maintaining  anxiety.
          good mental health, and the sources of support
          available and working to tackle taboos related to  There can be physical symptoms too, such as
          mental illness are more accessible than ever.  feeling constantly tired, sleeping badly, having
                                                         no appetite or sex drive and complaining of
                                                         various aches and pains.
          Some key sources of advice and support include
                                                         The severity of the symptoms can vary. At its
           the NHS Choices webpages on mental health, the
                                                         mildest, you may feel persistently low in spirit,
                Mental Health Foundation and Mind.
                                                         while at its most severe depression can make you
          There are many factors that contribute to mental  feel suicidal and that life is no longer worth
          wellbeing, but the following 12 tips for staying  living. If you’ve been having feelings of extreme
          happy1 may be helpful –                        sadness, contact your GP.

              1.     Keep physically active              Depression is a real illness with real effects on
              2.     Eat well                            your work, social and family life. Treatment
              3.     Only drink alcohol in moderation    usually involves a combination of self-help,
              4.     Value yourself and others           talking therapies and drugs.
              5.     Talk about your feelings
              6.     Keep in touch with friends and family  Depression is more common in women, but men
              7.     Care for others                     are far more likely to commit suicide. This may
              8.     Get involved, make a contribution   be because men are more reluctant to seek help.
              9.     Learn a new skill
              10.   Do something creative
              11.   Take a break                         More via NHS Choices webpages on stress, anxiety and
              12.   Ask for help                          depression, clinical depression, Depression Alliance's
                                                                   website and Mind’s webpages.

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