Warks - wrestled gun-toting offender

PC Lloyd Walton

PC Lloyd Walton

PC Lloyd Walton of Warwickshire Police has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award, after confronting a man pointing a gun at him.

PC Walton was the first officer into a house when executing a drugs warrant. He immediately looked for the man in question and started climbing stairs to continue the search. Halfway up, PC Walton was confronted by a bare-chested man standing at the top, pointing a firearm directly at him.

Other officers were coming up behind PC Walton on the stairway, leaving him no room to back off down the stairs. With no thought for his own safety and with no chance to use any protective equipment, PC Walton struck the armed male and managed to wrestle the firearm from him. He then manoeuvred the man to the ground and restrained and arrested him. PC Walton’s actions were selfless, as he responded to the threat to protect his colleagues.