West Mids - detained a man aiming double barrelled shotgun at them

PC Lee Jones and PC Richard Meede

PC Lee Jones and PC Richard Meede

Two West Midlands officers have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award for detaining a man aiming a double barrelled shotgun at them.

Police received a call regarding concerns for the safety of a man who lived on his own. He was recently bereaved, had a shotgun licence and had been drinking. The caller was worried that he may have taken his shotgun out of the cabinet.

The man had no previous police history for firearms and was not known to mental health services. The caller confirmed that no threats had been made and that he had not been aggressive or given any indication of being suicidal or having self-harm tendencies.

Police decided to conduct a safe and well check, so PCs Richard Meede and Lee Jones went to the house. The man opened the door and allowed them to come inside. He then walked into the living room, picked up a double-barrelled shot gun and turned towards the officers, pointing the gun directly at them.

Acting swiftly and bravely PC Meede grabbed hold of the shotgun barrel and pulled the gun away from the man’s grasp, while PC Jones grabbed the offender around the neck to subdue him and stop any further action. The man was arrested, handcuffed and taken into custody.

The shotgun was later found to be loaded with cartridges. Both officers showed extraordinary bravery, quick thinking and fortitude, demonstrating courage and professionalism when the incident clearly involved a significant risk to their personal safety.