Staffs - rescued sleeping family from house fire

PC Dominic Gallimore

PC Dominic Gallimore

National Police Bravery Award nomination for a brave PC who rescued a sleeping family from a potential house fire, after the building next door caught light.

The family home was next door to one that was on fire, with smoke finding its way into the house. Although a smoke alarm was beeping, the smoke was so thick it muffled the sound. PC Dominic Gallimore was one of the first at the scene and due to his quick thinking, and the help of a neighbour, the family escaped the house unharmed.

The neighbour had told PC Gallimore that a family was asleep in the house next to the burning building. He had tried to wake them by beeping his car horn, but they had not roused. PC Gallimore forced entry into the house, which was full of thick smoke making it impossible to see anything. He managed to shout and alert the father, helping him to safety and asking where the children were. He then ran back in and found the wife and two children before taking them outside.

The family feel lucky to be alive and believe that they were only five minutes away from death, because they would not have woken up. The people who lived in the house that was on fire were already outside and safe when firefighters arrived.

PC Gallimore went above and beyond in rescuing four people from a lethal situation. With no thought for his own safety, he made sure everyone in the house made it out alive.