South Wales - locked in house with man brandishing a machete

PC Megan Hill PC Matthew Jones

PC Megan Hill and PC Matthew Jones

Two officers from South Wales Police have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award after being locked in house with man brandishing machete.

New officer PC Megan Hill and PC Matthew Jones were called to a suicidal man’s house, but once there couldn’t get any answer. The man was known to have mental health problems and previously mental health support workers had to leave the house without conducting their assessment, because of his aggressive behaviour.

The officers entered through an open kitchen window and started searching the house, concerned about the man’s welfare. As they approached the top of the stairs they saw the man holding a machete with a 2ft long blade. He waved it at the officers, swinging it in a slashing and swiping motion. PC Jones told PC Hill to go downstairs and radio for assistance while he stayed on the stairs, instructing the man to put the machete down. He refused and continued to swing the machete towards PC Jones who tried to reason with the man, but to no avail.

The officers were locked in the house, so had to stay inside and try to engage with the man. He tried to use the machete to pull an item towards him on the landing, but lost his grip and dropped the machete on the floor. PC Jones took this chance to spray him in the chest and face, causing the defendant to step backwards and start to move towards the room he had come out of, holding a second knife.

PC Jones grappled with the defendant who dropped to the floor. Fearing for his life and that of the man PC Jones jumped on the defendant to try and get the knife off him. After a struggle, the man let go of the weapon. PC Hill and a paramedic came to help and placed the attacker in hand cuffs. Officers seized the second knife and took the man into custody.

PC Hill was only in the second week of her tutorship with PC Jones when the attack happened. Without the officers’ bravery and quick thinking both of them could have lost their lives.