Notts - saved vulnerable woman from drowning

PC Kevin Parsons

PC Kevin Parsons

PC Kevin Parsons of Nottinghamshire Police has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award for saving a vulnerable woman from drowning.

A member of the public called in to report a distressed and angry young woman who was wet through, with possible mental health issues. PC Kevin Parsons went to the grounds of a house where the woman had been seen. He found and approached her, but she ran into a nearby wood.

The officer then heard a large splash and believed the woman had run into one of the large ponds. As PC Parsons approached, he saw her swimming across one of the ponds, clearly exhausted and struggling to swim. She was also shouting out in distress.

Without hesitation, PC Parsons entered the water with no lifesaving equipment and swam to the woman, who was extremely distressed, thrashing her arms around and making it incredibly difficult for PC Parsons to help her.

Several times the woman pushed PC Parsons under the dirty water, causing him to fear for his own life. It was getting dark with no artificial light present, making it difficult to see what was happening. With difficulty, PC Parsons managed to pull the woman to a jetty at the edge of the water, where due to exhaustion he kept her head above water until help arrived to pull her out. A member of the public and PCSOs provided first aid until paramedics arrived. The woman was taken to hospital, where she remained for two days due to hypothermia.

The situation was extremely stressful and potentially dangerous for those present, but despite this PC Parsons showed incredible bravery and put the needs and safety of others before himself.