Met 3 - ran towards knife-wielding terrorists

PC Charlie Guenigault

PC Charlie Guenigault

PC Charlie Guenigault was off-duty and unarmed when he ran towards three terrorists brandishing knives and suffered horrific injuries as a result. He has since been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

It was a warm summer night in London, with people enjoying drinks and dinner with friends and family. One of those people was PC Charlie Guenigault, who was on his way home from relaxing with friends after finishing his shift.

Out of nowhere, three knife-wielding terrorists attacked members of the public and a British Transport Police (BTP) officer at London Bridge. Hearing the noise, unarmed PC Guenigault ran straight to help, trying to protect them with no thought for his own safety. He bravely ran towards the terrorists when they attacked him, stabbing him repeatedly. He suffered serious injuries to his head, back and stomach and was in a critical condition.

The injured officer was taken to Kings College Hospital and had numerous surgeries on his torso over the following weeks. He was placed in a coma to help his recovery and his spleen was removed. He will remain on antibiotics for life.

During the course of the terrorist attack the BTP officer received significant injuries, eight people were killed and 48 were injured. Without PC Guenigault’s bravery many more members of the public could have been hurt or even killed. He showed a huge amount of courage in terrifying circumstances.