Met 2 - officer attacked off-duty nearly loses his leg

PC Gavin Pain PC Laureen Pain

PC Gavin Pain and PC Laureen Pain

Husband and wife PCs Gavin and Laureen Pain have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

They were on holiday when they spotted a large man fighting with a much smaller man. The larger man had the other in a headlock and was repeatedly punching him in the head. It was clear to both officers that the smaller man was going to be severely injured, so they bravely approached the fighting duo to intervene.

PC Laureen Pain recognised the violent man from school and appealed to him to stop, to distract him. The larger man released the man he was punching, and started walking towards PC Laureen Pain with clenched fists.

Seeing what was about to happen, PC Gavin Pain asked the man to calm down, when the man punched him in the head, causing the officer to lose consciousness and fall to the floor. He briefly recovered consciousness to find his attacker jumping on his right leg, before passing out again. When he regained consciousness he tried to get up and realised that he couldn’t, before hearing what sounded like water falling onto the floor. He realised that the noise was blood, and saw the bone protruding from his leg. PC Gavin Pain fell to the floor, where he stayed until an ambulance arrived and took him to hospital while PC Laureen Pain and local officers detained the man.

PC Gavin Pain received a triple compound fracture, and it was initially thought that he would lose his right leg. After numerous operations, PC Gavin Pain is still recovering from his injuries and it is unlikely that he will ever regain full feeling in that leg. Even with this significant injury PC Gavin Pain has returned to full time duties.

Both officers showed a huge amount of courage and bravery in approaching and trying to detain the attacker.