Lincs - saved electrocuted man from train tracks

PC Jordan Bathie-Drexler

PC Jordan Bathie-Drexler

Officers from Lincolnshire Police have been recognised for their brave actions, risking life and limb to save an electrocuted man from train tracks with a national Police Bravery Award nomination.

New officer, PC Jordan Bathie-Drexler and DC Ben Moden (who was a PC at the time) received a report of a male shoplifter. A description of the suspect was passed to the officers, who went to Grantham train station to look for the man. When they arrived they saw a man matching the description of the shoplifter on the opposite platform, so ran up over the bridge connecting the platforms over the electric train tracks.

They reached the opposite platform, when the suspect jumped onto the track and ran away. The officers asked the control room to request that trains were stopped before giving chase. Once the trains were stopped they went after the suspect, running past a very slow moving train heading into the station, with the train driver indicating where the suspect had run to.

Some distance down the track they saw the man climbing the pillar of an overhead gantry, so the officers stopped. They believed that he was going to try to cross the tracks by climbing the gantry and then escaping over a fence. However, he stood on a live connection to one of the electric cables and was electrocuted by the current, believed to be around 25,000 volts – he was instantly thrown to a significant height and was on fire when he hit the ground.

With no thought for their own safety, given that the suspect could still be ‘live’ with the current flowing through him, the officers approached the man and used their jackets to extinguish the flames on the man’s body. They performed immediate first aid until paramedics arrived, helping the man to survive the incident.

The officers acted with professionalism and courage to make sure the man survived.