Leics - saved drowning man

PC Marcus Barrowcliffe

PC Marcus Barrowcliffe

Officers who rescued a man from murky water and saved his life have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

Following reports of a man lying face down in a canal, PC Marcus Barrowcliffe and another officer discarded their stab vests and updated the control room as they located him. He was lying motionless, face down in the water so they swam out to save him. The water was so deep in places that they could not stand without going under and the muddy canal was littered with debris, with weeds tangling around them, pulling them down.

When they reached the unresponsive man, they turned him over and realised he was not breathing. They managed to swim back to the canal towpath, where they were helped by members of the public in getting him out of the water. Once on dry land, the officers gave CPR until the ambulance service arrived. The man started to cough and splutter water that he had swallowed and it was quite clear that the CPR had saved his life.