Gwent - faced axe attack

Sergeant Jonathan Pursey and PC Christiane Fortt

Sergeant Jonathan Pursey and PC Christiane Fortt

Two officers from Gwent Police have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award after bravely facing an axe attack.

Officers were attending a burglary, when they were met by a large number of hostile people who were drinking and taking drugs. While they tried to clear the premises, a man came back with an axe and tried to attack the officers in a narrow corridor.

Described as being “in a pure rage, snorting with anger”, he pointed at Sgt Jonathan Pursey with the axe raised, moving towards him. At the same time a man who lived there came into the corridor with a knife to attack the man wielding the axe. The officers now had two men with weapons in close proximity and in a narrow space.

Sgt Pursey bravely tackled the man with the knife to the ground and disarmed him, but left himself vulnerable to the axe-wielding man. PC Christiane Fortt saw the danger and put herself between her sergeant and the attacker, believing they were going to be attacked.

Sgt Pursey restrained the man on the floor while PC Fortt used communication tactics to keep him back and stop him attacking. The man was around six feet away, with the axe still in the air ready to strike. Fortunately PC Fortt managed to persuade him to leave the house and not attack them with the axe.

Sgt Pursey and PC Fortt risked their lives to diffuse a highly volatile and dangerous situation, showing courage and quick thinking.