Dorset - stopped man running into traffic

PC Charlotte Harvey Sergeant Simon Kempton

Sergeant Simon Kempton and PC Charlotte Harvey

Two officers from Dorset have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award after a violent struggle with a man next to fast moving traffic on a main road.

Sgt Simon Kempton and PC Charlotte Harvey saw a car driving erratically, before suddenly stopping dangerously, half on a grass verge and half out in an unlit road.

Sgt Kempton approached the male driver, who claimed the car was overheating. The man was shaking, sweating profusely and slurring his words, then stumbled towards the road. Sgt Kempton grabbed him to stop him being hit by traffic and intended to arrest him for being unfit to drive due to drinks or drugs. But before he could, the man became violent.

During the struggle Sgt Kempton was struck in the head and PC Harvey was elbowed and punched in the face. She managed to use her PAVA spray, which initially stopped the man before he hit Sgt Kempton again. PC Harvey activated her emergency button, before the man pushed Sgt Kempton down the grass verge onto his hands and knees, kicking his thigh. The man pulled the sergeant’s coat over his head covering his face and tried to blind him by sticking his thumbs in his eye sockets.

Sgt Kempton blurrily saw the man trying to get back into his car. Just as the engine started, Sgt Kempton reached into the open driver’s window and grabbed the keys out of the ignition.

The man got out of the car still fighting, before he ran into oncoming traffic. Both officers jumped into the busy carriageway, grabbed the man in a bear hug and pulled him to safety, risking their own lives. However he still continued to fight, totally unaware of the dangers he placed himself and the officers in. Eventually other units arrived and the man was detained.

Thanks to the officers’ actions, a dangerous man was arrested before he could cause harm to himself or members of the public.