Derbs - caught wanted killer

PC David Bull

PC David Bull

A Derbyshire police officer has been recognised for his courage and bravery in catching a violent suspect, with a nomination for a national Police Bravery Award.

PC David  Bull works on a team targeting outstanding suspects. A man was wanted for the death of a pensioner, whom he had robbed at home. The victim had collapsed while phoning the police after the robbery and later died.

Following information from the community, PC Bull split up from his partner and began a search. He spotted the wanted man in a secluded alleyway, and gave chase. Once caught, the man struggled violently and threw PC Bull’s radio to stop him requesting help. When PC Bull used his captor spray, the offender tried to turn it back on him. PC Bull was then assaulted, causing him to fall to the floor injuring his wrist and knee.

Despite being injured and by his own admission "losing the fight", PC Bull was determined to keep hold of the suspect. He realised that his only chance of getting help would be to pull the man into a garden and hope he could be heard. He managed this and fortunately someone came to his aid, helping to detain the man before recovering PC Bull's radio so he could raise assistance. Despite his many injuries PC Bull returned for duty the following day, bandaged and bruised.