Cleveland - faced machete wielding thugs

PC Dan Smythe

PC Dan Smythe

National Police Bravery Award nomination for Cleveland cop who faced two dangerous men armed with weapons.

PC Dan Smythe, a new officer, spotted two men armed with a baseball bat and machete attacking an occupied vehicle in the town centre.

PC Smythe chased the man holding the machete through the town, all the while giving a calm, clear, and accurate commentary to officers who were on their way to the scene. After a foot pursuit through a busy shopping centre, PC Smythe eventually detained and handcuffed the man, who only dropped the machete as police caught up.

Having detained the dangerous suspect, PC Smythe continued his commentary regarding the victim’s vehicle and a description of the second offender. This helped other units to arrive, detain the second suspect, and make sure the people inside the vehicle were safe.

At the time, PC Smythe was one of the force’s newest batch of probationers. His handling of the incident showed professionalism, and his decisive and selfless actions ensured two dangerous offenders were arrested and the victims were safe.