City of London - took on terrorists in Central London

PC Liam Dolphin PC Simon Hill PC Matthew Kerby PC Mark Murphy Sgt David Prashner PC Ryan Tullett

PC Simon Hill and PC Matthew Kerby (Top), PC Mark Murphy and Sgt David Prashner (Middle) and PC Ryan Tullett (Bottom)

The bravery and courageous actions of five City of London police officers has been recognised by a National Police Bravery Award nomination.

The world watched in disbelief last June, as a terrorist attack unfolded on London Bridge and Borough Market. The attack was planned to cause death and mayhem in the capital, with three terrorists driving a van containing cylinders and wearing chest rigs replicating the style of suicide bombers. Their plan was to mow down innocent members of the public, out enjoying a warm summer’s night.

With the events of the terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge fresh in people’s minds, calls for police assistance quickly came in. The officers who attended were faced with scenes of carnage; the van used to run over victims had crashed into railings, leaving its rear open and presenting a vehicle borne Improvised Explosive Device. The injuries to the many victims varied between life threatening, walking wounded and the shocked.

Reports were coming in of a marauding terrorist attack being committed by the occupants of the van in Borough Market, a few hundred feet away. While the officers gave first aid to those that most needed it, shots rang out in Borough Market as other City police officers used firearms. The officers all knew how dangerous an active terrorist attack could be, but they remained steadfast in their duty to save lives.

The courage and dedication to duty shown by these officers was inspiring. The environment in which they were working was one never seen on the streets of the City of London before.