Cheshire - saved man from motorway bridge jump

PC Jake Connolly  PC Chris Francis PC Derek Morgan Sgt Mark Woollam

(Top L-R) PC Jake Connolly and PC Chris Francis, (Bottom L-R) PC Derek Morgan and Sgt Mark Woollam

Four brave officers from Cheshire Police have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award after saving a man threatening to jump off a bridge over the motorway. 

The man had called the police himself, and it was clear that he needed help and was at risk of harming himself. On arrival, officers saw that he was on the wrong side of the railings directly over the M53 motorway. The motorway was immediately closed, but the man would not speak with officers.

Sgt Mark Woollam was forced to grab hold of him to stop him from falling. PC Derek Morgan supported him and tried to hold onto the man while they waited for the fire service to arrive. However, the man started to slip off the ledge and hang from the bridge. PCs Chris Francis and Jake Connolly grabbed onto him as he continued to slip – at one point both his feet and back were hanging over the motorway, with officers supporting his full body weight.

It became clear that there was no time to wait for the fire service, so PC Francis and Sgt Woollam removed their body armour so they could lean further over the railings and get a better grip of him.

The officers managed to wrestle the man over the railings to safety, before being taken to hospital. He came extremely close to falling from the bridge, where he would have suffered serious, if not fatal injuries. The actions of all the officers were both brave and selfless.