Beds - saved five people and a dog from fire

Sergeant Karen Jarman PC Iesha Martin

(L-R) Acting Sgt Karen Jarman and PC Iesha Martin

Two Bedfordshire officers have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award for their brave efforts in rescuing the residents of a burning fourth floor flat.

Acting Sergeant Karen Jarman (who was a PC at the time) and new recruit PC Iesha Martin battled through the blaze and thick black smoke to rescue the people inside.

The officers were alerted to the fire by coincidence, when they spotted a vehicle driving erratically to the scene. As it turned out, the driver had been told of the fire and was racing to help. With smoke billowing from the fourth floor, the officers forced entry into the burning building and helped five people to get out of the flat - as well as the family dog - through thick black smoke.

The officers even went above and beyond the call of duty by going to a nearby charity shop for extra clothes and shoes for one of the people rescued.

By entering a burning building Acting Sgt Jarman and PC Martin showed real bravery, with no thought for their own safety.