Our elections give members the opportunity to vote for the colleagues they want to represent them locally and nationally. Police Federation representatives support and advise members in matters such as conduct, pay, allowances, terms and conditions, equality, professional development and operational policing issues.

We hold elections for Fed reps every three years. The 2018 national elections began in February and will take approximately seven months to complete. Find out more about the election process and schedule.

Where are we in the current election cycle?

The election of Branch Board members for all 43 Branches is ongoing (voted for by Branch Council members) with results expected by the end of April. Nominations for Branch Chair are open from 1-11 May (Branch Board representatives are invited to stand).

The results of the first round of elections for local workplace representatives (Branch Council members) have been published.

When is the next opportunity for members to vote?

Where there are contested seats, members will be invited to vote for their local Federation Branch Chair from 14-30 May. 

Who is eligible to vote?

Any officer who is a member of the Police Federation (subscribing or non-subscribing) can vote.

How does local Branch Chair voting work?

When the voting period opens on 14 May, members in forces where there are contested elections for Branch Chair will be sent an email containing their Unique Voting Code (UVC); these are personal to each member and must not be shared. Members can use their UVC to log in to www.mi-vote.com to cast their vote.

Once a member logs in, they are given information about the candidates who are standing to help them choose who they want to vote for.

It is likely that not all Federation Branches will have contested elections for the role of Branch Chair, therefore members may not have the opportunity to vote if there is only one candidate - the voting site will let the member know if there is no option to vote when they log in.

Contact your Branch if you have further questions.

More opportunities for members to have their say

Members can vote for the National Chair of the organisation in July. We will send members an email with a link to the voting site and further instructions at the appropriate time.

Didn't get your UVC?

We are aware that some force email clients can block our emails. If you are a member and did not receive your voting code within 24 hours of your voting period opening, please contact your Branch to request your UVC.

Lost or deleted your UVC?

A reminder email containing your UVC will be resent to your PNN email account shortly before voting periods close.

If you have any further questions about the election process, please contact your local Branch.

Key terminology

  • Workplace rep – provides guidance, advice and support to members while carrying out their normal duties as a police officer (hours required for Federation work vary)
  • Elected rep – same as above, but in the Metropolitan Branch only
  • Branch Council – all elected workplace reps from a force make up the Branch Council (excluding the Met Branch where, due to the large number of reps, elected reps are voted onto the Branch Council)
  • Branch Board – from the Branch Council, the Branch Board is elected
  • Federation Branch – each police force has its own Federation Branch

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