Case study: Dyfed Powys - police dog killed by rampaging man

A police dog was killed and an officer lucky to escape serious injury when they were attacked by a man armed with a long-handle sickle.

The man responsible for the rampage, in Carmarthenshire, in 2006, was a later detained under the Mental Health Act.

Dyfed-Powys offcers were called after reports of a man assaulting his father – and when the officers went to trace him, he drove at them in a tractor. They managed to escape as he flipped over their cars, but as a large scale policing operation began, he seemed oblivious to the previous incident.

Police dog Bryn was released, but was struck by a sickle, and died of his injuries soon after – and the offender then lashed out at PC Ian Davies, narrowly missing his face with the weapon. In court, it was said that “every police officer there feared for their personal safety”.

The offender was eventually overpowered with the help of CS spray and a baton, and in court admitted two counts of affray, two of damage to police vehicles, one of destroying a police dog and one of attempted wounding.

PC Davies and five of his colleagues - PC Andy Edwards, PC Mike Calas, PS Lyn Evans, PC Adam Hearne and PC Simon Williams – won a Regional Police Bravery Award for their actions.

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