Case study: Cleveland - cut with kitchen knife

PC Mick Johnson

PC Mick Johnson

Cleveland’s PC Mick Johnson was left with mental as well as physical scars after he was attacked by a man armed with a large kitchen knife.

A frontline response offcer of 21 years, he has been subjected to numerous assaults and a high speed crash while on duty, but describes the incident in May 2017 as the “worst moment” of
his policing career to date.

PC Johnson was called to a shop in Hartlepool where a man holding an open bottle of wine was causing a disturbance. He asked the offcer “are you here to kill me?” before pulling out an eight inch knife and becoming aggressive.

PC Johnson got the customers to safety and deployed Captor spray against the knifeman, but it had little effect. In the ensuing struggle he was stabbed in the arm - thankfully a minor wound. Back-up arrived and the man was arrested.

Though PC Johnson had escaped serious injury the incident played on his mind – he suffered flashbacks and became introverted. He missed three weeks of work and needed counselling.
Just as he was starting to recover, his attacker went on trial and received only a paltry 22 month suspended sentence.

PC Johnson said: “To see someone, who had no compunction about using a knife against a police offcer receive a suspended sentence, this set me right back. It has made me question whether I can continue in frontline policing. We need Taser and to have a stronger deterrent.”

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