Case study: Staffs - head butted in face

PC Neil Parsons

PC Neil Parsons

PC Neil Parsons was head-butted in the face severly damaging his three front upper teeth in the process.

The attack came at the worst time - just a week before he had been due to be the best man at his friend’s wedding. It happened when he tried to help two junior doctors to restrain a violent man who was high on drugs.

“A medical expert told me it would have taken tonnes of pressure to sheer my teeth in half,” he said. PC Parsons needed emergency dental work costing £500 but received no financial help towards this.

He said: “There was no way I was turning up at the wedding looking like an extra from the Beverly Hillbillies. I had to pay for my own treatment and the offender, who was found guilty at court, did not receive a custodial sentence, nor was I awarded any compensation by the court. I had to wait more than two years to be compensated via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and felt completely let down by the judicial system.”

PC Parsons has 19 years service. “Everyone thinks they have the right to physically assault us and there is no deterrent for anyone who attacks an offcer. I have been punched, kicked and attacked with various weapons. I’ve seen a colleague stabbed and killed and I live with the psychological damage of this incident along with the constant
aggression and confrontation towards us.”

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