Case Study: Workplace rep Carl Lee (West Yorkshire)

Carl Lee

A police officer’s experience, gained over many years in the job, is of enormous value. One way to put it to good use is to become a Federation Representative.

Sergeant Carl Lee of West Yorkshire Police became a rep after he was approached by the chairman of his local Federation.

He says: “I’ve been in the police for 27 years and on the receiving end of Professional Standards on more than one occasion and dealt with them quite well. So I was asked if I’d like to become a Fed Rep, because I have a bit of credence, I would suppose, with the membership.”

As a new rep, Carl has been receiving training on all aspects of his role, including such areas as equality – “that comes into a lot of things now and it’s important to have a good awareness,” Carl says – and he is looking forward to attending a course on discipline.

He adds: “Courses give you the information you need or at least the understanding of where to go for the information.

“At my stage of service with my career pretty much mapped out to the end, I feel it’s a time where I can use the experience I have had over 27 years to help my colleagues and perhaps bring a bit of calm and a bit of common sense to situations.

“I want to make sure things are done correctly and that colleagues are treated correctly and also that people in power do not abuse their positions.”

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