Case Study: National rep Che Donald (Sussex)

Che Donald

Che Donald, a Sussex Sergeant who is part of the Police Federation national board, made up his mind to become a Fed Rep after a stressful incident early in his career.

Che says: “In my second year in service, I got into a bit of trouble in relation to an arrest and was investigated for GBH on my detainee. It had an impact on my work life and personal life and, years later, I still remember the effects.

“I approached the Police Federation for help and after that I started thinking about becoming a rep myself.”

Che started in Sussex and went on to represent his region on the 30-strong national board. He is a spokesman for the Police Federation on diversity, mental health and other issues and once modelled a spit and bite guard on the BBC.

Che says: “Having that skillset of helping officers through their problems makes you more receptive as a line manager and as a supervisor. For many people who are starting off it’s tough to balance between your own work and the rep work. You’re dealing with people at really low points, that can have an impact on you as well. But when you are successful and you can help an officer the reward cannot be expressed.

“There is that feeling you can take from knowing you have made a difference, not just for one officer, but for others as well in the future.”

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