Case Study: Member Anon (Metropolitan)

The role of a Federation rep isn’t just knowing how to deal with issues like misconduct – it’s also requires the human touch.

Take the case of a Metropolitan PC who was confined to hospital. and feeling isolated and fearful. Contact with his supervisors was minimal, and his own local rep was also absent. But help arrived in the shape of Vanessa Webster.

The PC said: “Luckily I met this Fed rep from Lambeth who was nothing to do with me, but she still offered to help. She was seeing someone else at the hospital, but I got in touch with her and she took on my case. I didn’t know what to do, it was the first time I’d been in this sort of situation. I was panicking that I might lose my job and so on. But she reassured me, she visited me and then came to my home to see my family.

“It meant a lot at the time, I needed that one-to-one support. My case wasn’t misconduct, it was a welfare thing. The job being the job, I was worried about being labelled, but she reassured me. My supervisor only visited me once, I spoke to him maybe once to give him an update.

“When I was back people who saw me in the corridors didn’t say hello or ask how I was, so it was a very frustrating time to be honest. These were the people I was working with and for, I was lying to my wife about my work hours, and it really put me down.

“Vanessa was so helpful, she gave me the ins and outs of the situation, how it could pan out, who I needed to speak to and gave me an honest and fair opinion.

“I knew where I stood. She reassured me that they couldn’t just get rid of me for being in hospital, that I didn’t need to rush and told me to just take my time. It was very reassuring.”

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