Case study: Dorset - violently assaulted by drunk

Sgt Simon Kempton

Sgt Simon Kempton

Sergeant Simon Kempton and a probationer PC were subjected to a violent assault by a wanted man.

The sergeant, who is also a Police Federation national board member, and a female colleague were in an unmarked car when they saw a vehicle being driven erratically. Suspecting the driver to be drunk, they kept following and called for a breath test to be brought to their location.

The driver stopped in a dark and remote Dorset road and got out to look under the bonnet. Sgt Kempton identified himself as a police officer and attempted to speak to him. He said: “The man was sweating and foaming at the mouth. I said he would be arrested for being drunk in charge of a vehicle and he went skyward!”

The offender grabbed Sgt Kempton and threw him into brambles. PAVA spray had no effect. He grappled with Sgt Kempton on the floor and attempted to force his thumbs into the officer’s eyes. Sgt Kempton’s colleague was also punched in the face, but by working together they were able to prevent him driving away.

During the struggle Sgt Kempton saved the man from being run over by a passing car and was punched for his trouble. He said: “The matter was only brought to a head by the arrival of an officer with a Taser. He surrendered rather than be Tasered. If we’d had Taser neither of us would have got hurt.”

The offender was wanted for a string of offences and was jailed for four months.

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