Case study: Surrey - car driven at officer

Chris Schultze

Chris Schultze

Sergeant Chris Schultze was lucky to not be seriously injured or worse after a teenager drove a stolen vehicle at him.

The offcer was patrolling in the early hours of the morning when offcers spotted a car that had been linked to an earlier burglary. They gave chase and succeeded in boxing the suspects in. As Sgt Schultze approached the driver, he went forward in what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to knock the police offcers over a barrier.

Sgt Schultze, who took evasive action, said: “I’ve been involved in numerous pursuits before, but nothing prepared me for this. I walked away knowing I was lucky. Not lucky that I’d been assaulted but lucky that I was still alive. How I didn’t have my legs crushed, or worse dragged under the vehicle, I don’t know.”

Due to a lack of resources he had to travel to hospital in the same vehicle as one of the suspects, and was concerned they might over hear personal details such as his address.

Sgt Schultze suffered a cut shin, which has scarred, and signifcant leg bruising as well as pain and discomfort to his shoulder and torso. The 19-year-old driver pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualifed,
driving while unft through drink/drugs and actual bodily harm (ABH). He was jailed for 23 months and disqualifed from driving for three years.

In court, the Judge commended the offcers involved in the pursuit and investigation.

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