Case study: Kent - thumb jammed in eye

PC David Salmons was lucky to avoid serious damage to his sight after a man who was violently resisting arrest jammed a thumb into the officer’s eye.

He had attended a high rise flat with a fellow officer, to arrest a domestic violence offender with high risk warning markers. Officers were greeted by a woman in tears who showed them to a bedroom where the offender was “pacing up and down” surrounded by empty alcohol containers.

PC Salmons said: “He warned us that we would need Taser and a lot of other officers because he wouldn’t be coming quietly. My colleague tried to talk him down and he responded by throwing a TV at her, raising the stakes.”

PC Salmons put the man on the floor to prevent his colleague being hit over the head with a bottle. The offender jammed his thumb into the officer's eye socket. Eventually the two officers managed to get the suspect on to his front but he carried on punching and kicking out. They deployed Pava spray to restrain him.

PC Salmons’ eye was watering profusely and left bloodshot. However, at court the offender was prosecuted for the domestic violence but not the assaults on the police officers.

The officer said: “I did feel let down - I’ve been punched and kicked on duty many times but with it being my eye that could have caused significant damage.”

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