Case study: Dorset - headbutted by boxer

A female officer from Dorset suffered a fractured nose when she was head-butted in the face by a boxer.

The man was wanted over a domestic violence complaint and was spotted by the PC in a town centre. He appeared to be drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Being muscular and skilled in fghting, it took four police officers to wrestle him to the ground. Once he was handcuffed and being patted down, he lunged forward with no warning and head-butted the PC who fell to the floor. She recalls: “I was in so much pain and completely out of it. I didn’t know what was going on.”

The attack left her temporarily deaf in one ear but the hospital couldn’t be sure if her nose was broken so she fnished her shift. Later she started experiencing headaches and realised
there had been lasting damage. She eventually had an operation on her nose that has left a permanent dent. The incident also brought on post traumatic stress and she was placed on restricted duties.

The PC said: “This has 100% changed me. I accept that as police offcers we are at risk of being assaulted, but the lack of support I received after my injuries has shocked me.”

Her attacker was jailed for three months for GBH, which the officer felt a “good result”. Despite her experiences she plans to stay with the police force.

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