Case study: Cheshire - slashed across hand

PC Andy Lavender

PC Andrew Lavender was slashed across the hand by a knife-weilding man, who was later jailed for two-and-a-half years for the attack and other offences.

The offender had stolen a packet of knives from a shop in Ellesmere Port, and was smashing glass bottles, as well as using crates to barricade himself against the store’s security staff.

The store was being evacuated when PC Lavender and PCs Christopher Fry and Damien John arrived. Fearing for the safety of the customers in the shop, who were yet fully evacuated, they approached the aggressive and armed offender.

The three officers used Pava spray initially, but that had a limited effect so they used their batons to try and halt the incident. He lunged forward and slashed PC Lavender on the hand, but the quick-thinking cop was able to grab a crate used as part of the barricade to knock the offender off balance, and as he dropped the knife the trio swooped in to handcuff and arrest him.

After the incident in 2014, Cheshire Police Federation chairman Simon Roberts said: "All three officers demonstrated professionalism and bravery when tackling this violent offender ensuring that he did not have the opportunity to harm members of the public. They deserve praise for the actions, which reminds us that police officers deal with such difficult challenges 24/7, day in and day out."

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