Case study: Northants - stabbed in the hand

PC Ben Jeffries hand with stab wound

“There was blood pouring out of my hand. He was still trying to stab himself while he was on the ground.”

PC Ben Jeffries of Northamptonshire Police suffered a severe wound to his hand after being stabbed by a man who was self-harming. PC Jeffries had surgery under anaesthetic and needed 12 stitches for his wound after that there was lots of physio.

PC Jeffries was injured after he found the man holding a knife to his own chest. The officer grabbed his arms and grappled with him. “Then I noticed blood everywhere, I wasn’t really sure where it was from. Once I’d got him to the floor, I found that the blood was coming from my hand. It all happened so quickly.

“He was still trying to stab himself while he was on the ground, but I managed to get the knife out of his hand before calling for help. The cut was around 6cm deep around the webbed part of my hand and it took me four months to get back to work,” he said.

The offender pleaded guilty in court to having an article with a blade or point. But rather than serving time in jail for the injury he caused, he was only sentenced for possession of an offensive weapon and was back home long before PC Jeffries was back at work.

PC Jeffries was commended by the judge for his “selfless behaviour at considerable personal risk” but the lack of a custodial sentence was a tough pill for the officer to swallow.

PC Jeffries received a Chief Constable’s commendation and the Boatman Shield of Courage award for his actions he was also nominated for a Police Bravery award in July 2017.