Case study: Derbyshire - eye socket shattered

PC Shakil Mohammed had his eye socket and cheekbone shattered by a young burglar who “sucker punched” him.

The officer suffered his horrific injury after he, and three colleagues, were sent to detain some men in a guest house in the early hours of the morning. They discovered an 18-year-old man hiding under a bed and things quickly turned violent as the suspect started throwing punches.

PC Mohammed intervened to help his colleague but was caught by a powerful blow – he realised instantly he had been badly injured. In agony and with one eye out of use, the officer nevertheless continued to assist his colleague and managed to handcuff the offender.

He said: “I looked in the mirror and could see this indentation in my face and my cheek had dropped to my jaw. I couldn’t believe this had happened. We were not expecting to be attacked – it came totally out of the blue.”

PC Shakil needed four hours of surgery to fit three titanium plates around his left eye. His injuries were a shock for his wife and meant he was unable to care for his elderly father as he recovered.

His attacker was jailed for two years for GBH, less time served on remand, but PC Mohammed has been left with lifelong injuries, including nerve damage and still has plates in his face. He said: “I don’t think the sentence is anything compared to the impact the assault has had on my life – I will have to live with this.”

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