Case study: Bedfordshire - hit with blunt object

PC Jack Denton of Bedfordshire PolicePC Jack Denton had to have staples inserted into his head after he was struck by a blunt object.

In early 2017 he was called to assist armed police who had handcuffed a suspected car thief. They handed him over to PC Denton and his colleagues to take into custody but the man suddenly bolted.

He ran to his home and, with his arms still behind his back, attempted to kick the front door open. PC Denton caught up with the man who started shouting.

“I got my spray out. Then there was a massive thud and my head started bleeding," said PC Denton. "My legs went weak and I ended up on the floor.”

Colleagues arrested the suspect and his mother, who had appeared at an upstairs window. They discovered that PC Denton had been wounded by a candlestick which had been fallen or been thrown from above. The suspect’s mother argued it was accidental and the GBH charges against her were dropped.

PC Denton was taken to hospital for a brain scan and had his head stapled back together – “It was done with a staple gun and that was the most painful bit,” he said. “I had them removed by a GP a week later, but there will be scarring. This has shaken me a lot and highlighted the dangers. It’s made me more cautious, but I’ve had great support from the police and the Federation.”

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