Case study: West Yorkshire - broken collar bone

Bruising on Karl's chest area

Bruising on Karl's chest area from the injury

'He lifted me to shoulder height then slammed me head first on the floor.' PC Karl Heath badly broke his collar bone while attempting to arrest a man in West Yorkshire, this is his story...

PC Heath was sent to investigate a complaint by a woman who said she had been assaulted by her neighbour. But when he tried to speak to the suspect, things became heated. He said: "I decided it was necessary to arrest him. I got one cuff on him and he became very violent. He put one hand on my stab vest, the other under my crotch and lifted me to his shoulder height. Then he slammed me head first on to the floor."

PC Heath’s collar bone was shattered and later required a metal plate to be inserted to repair the damage. He also suffered a cut head and swelling, while his entire torso was bruised (pictured).

He missed nearly four months of work, initially being unable to feed or wash himself without help from his wife, and had a further period on restrictive duties. When he returned to normal duties, he got nervous if he anticipated confrontation.

The offender was acquitted at court, despite what PC Heath describes as "very damning evidence". He added: "For some reason, the jury didn’t think that we had proven beyond reasonable doubt that he had committed the crime. Body worn video would have gone some considerable way to prove exactly what happened that day."

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