Case study: Gwent - knocked unconscious

A PC from Gwent was knocked unconscious and left in a ditch after she confronted two thieves.

The officer and her partner were investigating reports of people trying to steal a truck. She spotted a car parked up in a country lane with a known offender in the driving seat.

She said: "Because I knew him, I knew he wouldn’t stop. I had to get in the car if I wanted to stop it." She jumped on to the man’s lap and tried to turn the engine off to halt his escape.

The suspect yelled at his friend to help and both managed to escape from the car. The officer was expecting a chase, but one of the suspects caused a distraction by throwing punches at her.

"I remember thinking this is really off. He started punching, but not really trying to connect. I reached for my spray, but the next thing I was hit from behind." She fell to the ground, unconscious, and was found by her colleague in a ditch, where it is presumed the men dragged and dumped her.

The officer was treated for bruises and swelling and missed six days of work. The offenders were arrested and released on police bail.

She added: "When someone is taken to court for assaulting a police officer it seems to be seen as a lesser assault than that of anyone else. The punishments are not severe enough."

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